PLEASE NOTE: An L.G.V. Category 'C' licence entitles the holder (who must be 18 years of age) to drive any L.G.V. Rigid vehicle regardless of the number of axles. Category 'C' licence holders are limited to towing a trailer NOT EXCEEDING 750kgs (if you require to tow a trailer in excess of 750kgs a Category 'CE' licence is required.

At Welwyn the training is of the highest quality and our instructors hold Driving Standards Agency registration. Our training programme provides real experience on the Public Highway, in all different road conditions, and a facility for using our own manoeuvring area.

We would recommend that all prospective students take advantage of our Driver Assessment. The assessment not only gives the student an insight into what is involved in driving an L.G.V. it also gives our instructor the opportunity to evaluate the number of training days required for the student to reach the current D.S.A. test standard. The assessment is for two hours and includes manoeuvring on our own site as well as driving on the Public Highway.

Assessments are normally conducted Monday - Friday between 8:00a.m. and 4:00p.m. Although a limited number of training slots are available on evenings and weekends.

Students require the Provisional L.G.V. entitlement adding to their current car drivers licence before they can attend an assessment or undertake a course of lessons. We can supply the relevant application forms (D2) application for an L.G.V. or P.C.V. Driving Licence plus (D4) Medical Report (the Medical Report must be completed by a G.P. whom does not necessarily have to be your own G.P.)

There is no cost for the Provisional Entitlement be added to your current licence.

Courses are from 8:00a.m. until 4:00pm Monday - Saturday. All of our training is conducted on a one to one basis and usually lasts for four hours. Evening and weekend training is also available, please contact us for further details.

The cost of a Category C and Category C+E Driving Test is £115.00.

It is necessary for candidates wishing to obtain a Category C Licence to first attain a Driving Standards Agency L.G.V. Theory Pass Certificate. The Theory Test is made up in two parts, the first part is multiple choice and will contain 100 questions of which you will be required to answer 85 of them correctly. The second part, known as the Hazard Perception element, contains 19 clips (20 hazards) and you are required to attain 67 out of a possible 100 marks.

It is not possible to book a practical Driving Test for anyone until the result of the Theory Test is known and although a successful candidate is issued with the necessary certification immediately we would recommend that the Theory Test appointment is booked at least two weeks prior to the required driving Course dates.

The cost of the Theory Test Fees are:
Multiple Choice: £26.00
Hazard Perception £11.00

Students wishing to progress to Category CE will be required to send their Category C Pass Certificate together with their current U.K. Drivers Licence, to the D.V.L.A., Swansea to have the full L.G.V. Category C and PROVISIONAL L.G.V. Category CE Licence entitlement added before they can book an L.G.V. Category CE Course and Driving Test.

You can now pass your test in an automatic but gain a full manual licence with no restrictions! After passing your Category C test, you are entitled to drive a rigid vehicle over 7500kg (7.5t).